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Your health care savings don't stop with dental, vision and prescription discount plans. All these are included also.

CVS iSave members receive discounts on dental, vision and prescription, along with chiropractic and alternative medicine, prepaid diagnostic imaging, lab service, a 24 hour nurse hotline and more.


CVS iSave members save 10% on any regular priced health service or screening up to a maximum of $10 per person, per visit. There are no appointments required at MinuteClinic® walk-in medical clinics, which are staffed by family nurse practitioners and physician assistants who are trained to diagnose and treat common illnesses, minor injuries and skin conditions. MinuteClinic® also offers health screenings, vaccinations and physicals to help you stay healthy all year round.

Savings Sample

MinuteClinic® Care Retail Prices Member Savings*
Physical exams $69 - $89 $6.90 - $8.90
Cholesterol screenings $59 - $69 $5.90 - $6.90
Minor illness/injury $99 - $129 $9.90 - $10.00
Seasonal flu $50 - $70 $5.00 - $7.00
Tetanus/Diptheria (Td) $75 $7.50

*MinuteClinic® discount is 10% up to $10 per person, per visit.

No appointments necessary at MinuteClinic®

MinuteClinic® walk-in clinics offer high-quality medical treatment with a 95% customer satisfaction rating that is affordable and convenient.


MinuteClinic® offers a comprehensive health screening that includes a blood pressure check, weight assessments, health assessments, blood sugar or A1c tests and cholesterol tests. MinuteClinic can also test for mononucleosis, strep throat and the flu. They can also administer pregnancy tests, and more.

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MinuteClinic® offers vaccinations, including seasonal flu vaccinations, Hepatitis A vaccinations, Hepatitis B vaccinations, meningitis vaccinations, PPSV vaccinations, TD vaccinations, Tdap vaccinations, pneumonia, tetanus and diphtheria vaccinations.

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Whether you or your child needs a sports physical, a camp physical, administrative physical, college physical or a DOT physical, MinuteClinic® can help and there is no appointment necessary.

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Common Cold

The common cold is caused by a number of viruses that infect the upper respiratory system, often resulting in a runny nose, sneezing, and lethargy. Touching a contaminated surface and then touching your nose or mouth can cause you to contract the common cold.

Viral and
Bacterial Infections

Viral and bacterial infections are both caused by microbes and spread through activities like sneezing, coughing and coming in contact with contaminated surfaces. Some animals, including common pets, livestock and even insects can cause the spread of viral and bacterial infections.

Seasonal Flu

Seasonal flu symptoms often resemble the symptoms of a common cold. Seasonal flu symptoms can include aches, fever, weakness, flushed skin, watery eyes, a headache, dry cough and a sore throat. However, unlike the stomach flu, seasonal flu is not typically associated with vomiting or diarrhea.

CVS iSave

CVS iSave members save on health related services. Individuals and families save on dental, vision, prescription, chiropractic and alternative medicine, lab services, prepaid diagnostic imaging, MinuteClinic®, hearing, fitness memberships and a 24 Hour Nurse Hotline. Choose the plan that’s right for you.

Individual Plan

$14.97 / Monthly $179.64 / Yearly

Family Plan

$24.97 / Monthly $299.64 / Yearly
†Immediate family members are defined as a spouse or registered domestic partner, children up to the age of 26, parents in the household over age 60 and any other IRS Dependents.

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